alex pancoe chicago illinois profile 1Chicago native Alex Pancoe reserves a permanent spot in his heart for the Windy City. From his childhood in Highland Park to his college years at Northwestern University, Alex Pancoe never strayed too far from his roots. Following receipt of a degree in political science in 2009, Pancoe moved to the city and began an enduring career with Morgan Stanley.

Outside of work, Alex Pancoe keeps up with the latest from the Northwestern and Chicago sports worlds. Grandson of a former professor at Northwestern, Pancoe grew up cheering for the Wildcats football team every Saturday. Today, Northwestern and its storied football program remain integral components of his life and he blogs about these topics on a regular basis. He also watches and writes about the Cubs, Bears and Bulls whenever possible. An avid skier as well, Pancoe spends part of the year carving the slopes at Vail.

Alex Pancoe currently lives in Chicago with his beagle, Delilah, and dachshund, Johnson.